10 Tips for how to be productive when working from home.

How to be productive when working from home

Covid 19 has pushed the workforce to work from home. Employees are spending more time at home and it brought new challenges for productivity. Some of us had to bring their office, to home with the spread of COVID-19 and had to learn to share it with family members and even pets. Through following these tips, you can improve productivity and manage time with family.

Adopting to work from home without any previous preparation can be hard, especially when you lack the space and still have not grown used to your new habits.

If you want to be productive and organized when working from home even more than in the regular office, you have to set your daily routine.

To help you make the most out of your new setup we will take you through the ten best tips to ensure you are getting the best result while working from home.

10 Tips and techniques for how to be productive

  1. Do something for yourself before you start work:

    It’s easy to roll out of bed, and over to your laptop without even changing out of your PJ’s. But help yourself to stay motivated. For a healthy lifestyle it's best to do something for you in the morning.

    You can do a workout, catch up on the news or read a chapter of your favorite book before you get stuck into your work for the day.

  2. Have a designated workspace:

    Having a specific place for work at home can help you be more focused and more productive.If you have a home office or desk, you are already good to go.That said, if you don’t, you are going to sleep to improvise.

    You can set up your workstation anywhere in the house where you feel more comfortable.

  3. Make a list of priorities:

    Having a list of priorities will help stay focused and actually get work done.

    Instead of doing home chores, you will focus on tricking off work tasks from your list and will feel a sense of achievement once you have done so.

  4. Be in touch with your colleagues:

    By checking in with your manager, you will update them on what you are working on, and they will feel more at ease knowing that the same level of work is being produced as if you were in the same office.

  5. Don’t try to multitask:

    Trying to have several tasks done at the same time is counterproductive.

    You might think that you are able to watch your favorite Netflix series while getting through this month’s accounts, but don’t feel yourself!

    Focus on one task at a time, give yourself a time limit, and complete your task within that time frame before your move onto the next thing.

  6. Avoid distraction:

    It’s easy to get distracted in an environment that you usually associate with relaxation.

    To avoid temporizing, get rid of any and all distractions.

    Put your phone on airplane mode and hide your remote to eliminate the temptation of turning these devices on.

  7. Make an eating plan:

    Just plan out the timing of your meal within your working hour.

    At least give a gape for 30 minutes, so you can give your best at work.

    You should also have to avoid eating your snacks at your workstation.

    Choose food to maintain your calories and not get bored.

  8. Take a lunch break:

    Whether you are in the office or skip your lunch break and power through the day.

    However, it's even more important when you are confirmed to the house that you actually do take this break.

    Thirty minutes away from your work can make you fresher and you can output some good work.

  9. Support to others:

    If you have mastered remote working, why not help your colleagues out?

    Check-in with them daily and see if they need any assistance with tasks just as you would do from the office.

    In addition, make sure you are available via chat, phone, or any other communication methods during work hours.

  10. Get enough sleep:

    Since you don’t have to wake up early, and get ready for a long commute, you might stay up later to bring. Watch a series but you are doing yourself the favors!

    To be productive from home, you will still need plenty of shuteye! So, follow your normal bedtime routine and get the recommended amount of sleep.

    Now that you are well-equipped with the best way to be productive from home.

    You will be able to prove that working remotely is actually beneficial for everyone.

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