11 Tips and techniques for writing a good headline

What is a Headline

HEADLINE is the top line of any content that defines the topic and which explains what is the main purpose of this article or story. People can easily judge all the content below from its heading.

If the headline is poor, the copy will not be read. And copy that is not read does not sell goods.

John Caples
  • A catchy headline can make or break an article you spend hours working on.
  • Eight out of ten people read a headline while only two out of ten will the full article.
  • Use the team of professional writers creating dozens of headline variations to see what works best.
  • The catchy headline works and there is no reason why you should not use them for your own site no matter how small your business is.
  • All you now need to do is write an article that would go well with your headline.
  • Don’t cut corners and make the article as interesting and rich as possible.
  • Once you have written your content piece with your own chosen headline just use it and post It on your social media business account such as your Facebook, business page your twitter account.


“ benefits of a healthy lifestyle ”
It must be like
stay healthy for a richer life ”.

11 Tips and techniques for writing a good headline

  1. Headline generation:

    Write at least five different headlines. You may not know what works best, what people love versus what you love. When you write five different headlines, you can go from there and test them when you do this you will figure out what headline performs the best and which does not.

    This will give you more ideas in the future, when you're writing more headlines of what your reader likes, versus what they don’t. That way, you are not just making decisions on your headline based on a gut and them now starting to use data.

    From there, look at the things like what has the CTR(click through rating). Once you find the ones that have the best CRT, from clicking through rates, from social media, from google, test different variations of those that are very similar, and then you will be able to find true.

    You will also want to test length too. Typically, headlines that is under 50 characters from what we have tested, do better than longer ones.

  2. Writing amazing headline:

    It is to use specific number and data points, instead of having a headline like,

    “ I lost millions by doing X instead of Y ”
    could be,
    “ how choosing X instead of Y ”.

    When you get very specific and granular in your headline, and that a headline formula that borrows it and make it your own. You have found that what tends to get way more clicks and read the more specific, the more intriguing the more honestly and transparency that you are including more exact the number is versus vague.

  3. Be picky:

    Always choose the word that attracts the reader.

    Use words that drive action by giving readers rationales Tips, reasons, lessons, tricks, hats, ideas, facts, wins All those words help with clicks. These will pique the interest of potential. Reader and your click-through rates should go up because they are like, Oh COOL, this is actionable content versus non-actionable content.

  4. Be creative with your adjectives:

    What sounds better,

    “ nine interesting lessons, I have learned from A, B, and C ”
    “ nine game-changing lessons I have learned from A, B, and C ” .

    You are going to go with the second one of game-changing lessons you want to inspire people to click by showing them that they are going to get something beyond the ordinary.

    Of course, you need to make sure your content delivers on that if you are telling people like. There are 12 effortless ways they can double their search traffic and all your tips are really hard to do you are going to let people down, and the next time even you have an amazing article with an amazing headline, no one is going to click and believe you because you just lost your trust with your audience. So, make sure you are not duping people as well.

  5. Use fresh timely information:

    Use fresh timely information and make sure you are leveraging the fear of missing out. You don’t want people to scroll by your content and be like on, there’s no urgency I can get to that later because chances are, they are not going to come back and get to that later.

    But in letting people know it's fresh by letting them know it's immediate. It's just not off the press. you are like to get more clicks and more reads.


    you are going to write an article that talks about an SEO strategy that less than 1% of SEO”s is using.

    A dead-simple SEO strategy that less than 1%of SEO”s is using

    people are like wait what is this you have to search many items and get what others write a try to make a unique one.

  6. just focus on the target:

    pick the main benefit of the topic and include them in the headline. Before writing any content, you have complete knowledge about what you are going to discuss in this then you have to make the headline statement that defines the purpose of the writing.

  7. Make a bold statement:

    When you know about your topic and the story of the content then make a headline statement that clears all the aspects of the story, and which attracts the people to click.

  8. Write an outline first:

    A good headline is which can be shorter. Don’t write more than one or two lines and try to make it more compressive.

    The headline must be simple and attractive. Target a keyword with high search volume Do your competitive research.

  9. Headline must be short:

    A good headline is which can be shorter. Don’t write more than one or two lines and try to make it more compressive The headline must be simple and attractive. Target a keyword with high search volume Do your competitive research.

  10. Avoid Grammar mistakes:

    Must avoid Grammar mistakes because when a reader read the headline, he is going to make a decision on rather he has to open it or not.

  11. Use simple, but powerful language:

    In writing any headline use simple language that the reader can understand by reading, it once. Simple and powerful Include numbers in your headline. When you include numbers in it becomes more attractive to the reader.

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